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Tagging your products

Tags have been introduced on all product listings to provide Yumbles food fans with an additional tool to help them find what they’re looking for.     To increase your products exposure make sure to add tags to all of your listings.   Adding tags to your product listings Within your editable product listings in the Seller Portal…

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Meet the Makers: Making Nutritious Delicious

All signs point to healthy eating finally going mainstream with more of us than ever caring about what we’re eating.  At the heart of this movement are small independent producers; with their focus on all natural ingredients and relentless pursuit of quality they’re making nutritious delicious.  And it’s not just our savoury foods getting a health makeover, innovative food…

Dulse Burgers Recipe

Recipe: Dulse Seaweed, Beef and Cheese Burger

Thanks to Yumbles makers Mara Seaweed for sharing this drool-worthy recipe for National Burger Day! We’ve a feeling you’ll be coming back to this more than once…. Dulse Seaweed is a great source of essential minerals including iodine, and has a slightly smoky, savoury flavour that pairs perfectly with red meat.

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5 quick steps to grow your sales

Listing on a thriving and fast growing online marketplace like Yumbles enables you to easily reach large numbers of potential customers.  But are you making the most of that exposure? To reach your full potential it’s worth a little effort in optimising your “shop”.  In our Seller Bootcamp series over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing all the best practice…

Yumbles Food Makers

The Foodpreneurs Survey 2015

Today we’re launching a major project to find out more about the growing number of independent food and drink producers in the UK. The Foodpreneurs Report 2015 will provide a fascinating snapshot into this thriving sector – don’t miss your chance to get involved!


Healthy Food for Families: Meet the Makers

A new generation of food makers are devoting their passion, energy and talent to coming up with innovative solutions to encourage healthy eating among families and children. We’re delighted to be working with some of the most exciting food makers focusing on this important topic  – read on!