Give Pancake Day a gourmet twist

SPP_Grainy_Brainy_PancakesWhy not take Pancake Day as an opportunity to give your pancake-flipping skills a bit of sharpening up, to avoid that whole ‘scraping off the ceiling’ scenario next time you are having friends over for brunch. Of course, pancakes are delicious all year round, and if you’re bored of the line up of usual stuffing suspects, why not give the humble pancake a little boost of flavour?

Sweet, savoury, or something satisfyingly in between, pancakes are an awesome base for all kinds of flavours.

Sneak in something healthy

Pancakes for breakfast are Sunday brunch heaven. There’s nothing quite like a
stack of just-from-the-pan, steaming fluffy pancakes, covered in syrup and fruit.
But if you’re trying to sneak in a little nutrition too, try some deliciously
satisfying grainy pancakes, by swapping wheat flour for nutrient-packed
buckwheat, quinoa and flaxseed, giving wonderful texture, without losing any of
the fluffiness. Perfect for breakfast, or for fixing that pancake craving at any time
of the day.

Jam it upRoseCafe_220g_rosepetalpreserve

A quick and classic combo that’s a favourite for all ages – pancakes and jam. Classic doesn’t always mean boring though – jams have evolved far beyond the usual strawberry and marmalade concoctions! Explore a fabulous variety of flavours, taken straight from a summer meadow that’s bursting with ripe, fragrant fruits and flowers.

Succulent sour cherry preserve is the perfect counterpart to a drizzle of dark chocolate sauce, while rose petal conserve tastes utterly luxurious. Add a generous spoonful of clotted cream for a taste that is out of this galaxy.

Chocoholic feast

Skip the usual chocolate spreads for a chocolately flavour that’s altogether much
more indulgent, decadent and thoroughly grown up. Treat yourself to some
exquisite chocolate in unusual flavours – how about a hint of cardamom, vanilla
or even chilli? Melt generous chunks down and blend into double cream for a
really heavenly ganache-like filling, and roll up pancakes into bite-size mouthfuls
– you could even whisk in a little hint of rum for an added boost!

Wild and savoury

Pancakes don’t have to be sweet, so if you’re sick to the back teeth of sugary stuff,
experiment with a wealth of new flavours to bring to the plate. Give stuffed
pancakes a Mediterranean flavour, with a rich combination of spinach, toasted
pine nuts and generous hunks of feta, combined with a dash of nutmeg to bring it
all together. Make micro-sized versions of classic fluffy pancakes and stack them
with smoked salmon and dill, for cute appetizers. Or for something a little more
substantial, try pancakes layered with cooked crayfish tails, topped off with a
smooth crème fraiche infused with sweet cherry tomatoes and paprika.

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